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Here in South Africa, electricity cost has sky-rocketed by 446% in 12 years, and thermal gains through windows further add to the energy bill.

In a tenanted building our business model creates a win-win for both parties: owners receive substantial tax rebates while greening their buildings while tenants pay less for electricity and enjoy a more comfortable interior.

Now entering the commercialisation phase, we welcome engagement by potential industry partners & customers.

Solar Energy

A solar energy solution for buildings with a lack of suitable roofspace.

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Energy Efficient

Superb thermal insulation and solar radiation control.

Light & glare control

Effectively controls light levels and glare while still allowing views, ventilation.


Durable, 99% recyclable, & allows for larger than 15% window area (SANS204).


Dynamic slat positioning per facade.


Excellent sound-absorbing; noise reduction; acoustic insulation properties.


By optimising solar energy generation, energy efficiency and occupant comfort we can reduce building energy consumption & carbon emissions by as much as 50%.


Commercial buildings often have limited roof space for solar panels. SlideLuvre overcomes this issue with a solar yield of up to 75% of rooftop solar.

It is also of significant benefit  in reducing peak daily and seasonal demand loads.


Spanning 5 Categories and 12 Credit objectives, SlideLuvre can make a significant contribution to your Green Star certification and Net Zero Carbon projects on new-builds and retrofits.

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Sliding-Stacking Vertical Louvre Systems


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