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Marlene Badenhorst, Managing Director, has 30 years’ experience in a variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing, financial services and IT, to being part of the start-up team for a group of companies in the aerospace industry between 2009-2017.


Double sided, rigid slat in a myriad possible colour combinations & finishes.

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Energy Efficient

Superior thermal insulation and solar radiation control; Solar option.

Light & glare control

Effectively controls light levels and glare while still allowing views.

Security barrier

Steel rod reinforced slats; Surveillance option.


Slats can stack from both ends; manual/motorised; Automation option.

Application areas

Commercial & residential; designed to fit most building fenestrations.

We are deeply committed to environmental sustainability, and believe that the SlideLuvre features can assist the construction industry in meeting the requirements of the National Building Regulations SANS 10400XA1 for improved energy efficiency.
Customisable slats

Each slat consists of 2 composite panels which are offset from each other to meet the required slat width. The slat width can be set between 115mm and 130mm.

This design enables the slats to close in a flat plane which eliminates light seepage when the blind is fully closed. It furthermore creates a sleek side profile, with a slat thickness of only 12mm.

Various slat finish configurations are possible, using materials like aluminium, cork, polycarbonate and more.

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Interior Sliding-Stacking Vertical Louvre System

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