Addressing energy efficiency from both the demand and supply sides

The solution can be considered as a combination of two mainstream solutions: rooftop PV panels and aluminium louvre shading systems, while the smart automation feature increases overall energy output, energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

“A solar energy solution for buildings with a lack of roof space”

Using +24% efficiency Sunpower Maxeon cut cells, the unique double-sided PV slats keep on generating energy even when shaded. It also functions as a shading system and saves energy by reducing cooling and artificial lighting needs.

Solar cell strings on the front and back of each slat continue contributing all available energy, without affecting the production of unshaded strings.

SlideLuvre’s generation profiles are aligned to energy usage patterns,
therefore of high value

The slats can perform in shaded areas & capture low sun angle, creating 3 energy generation peaks per day, thereby complementing the typical midday peak of rooftop PV

Seasonal generation profiles also tend to complement that of rooftop PV

Extra low voltage

Louvres are made up of slats connected in parallel, ensuring a maximum DC voltage of 60V. Louvres could form part of a DC micro-grid, or connect individually to either a grid-tied or hybrid micro-inverter so you get the ultimate in performance and stability, without compromising on safety.

Energy efficiency

Combining solar energy & energy conservation for a superior business case

Louvres optimise daylight, glare, thermal gain and solar energy generation during the day, and limiting light pollution at night.
Energy efficiency can be further enhanced by integration with a smart lighting system.


We support UN SDGs 7, 9, 11 and 12.

Apart from generating solar energy and saving energy, our solution can be repaired and refurbished, and its components are almost completely recyclable. The photovoltaic elements have a lifetime of more than 30 years.

Aesthetics is important

Unlike Henry Ford, we do more than black

We offer colour matching options to blend in with your building facade, as well as an option for deeper architectural integration by means of custom designed components.

Our offering


We team up with industry professionals in your country to integrate our solution with your reality.


Our solution is custom-configured and assembled for each project. We also do in-house prototyping for any custom parts.

implementation & support

We partner with experienced installers and stakeholders across the globe to ensure that you will only experience excellence.

technology licensing

We offer technology licensing options to downstream and upstream partner companies.

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