Introducing SLideluVRE

Our vision is to assist building owners globally in achieving net zero-carbon emissions for their buildings.

Our business model creates a win-win for landlords and tenants, while the product and its components are highly configurable to meet your specific needs.

Other than commercial buildings, the Solution is also suitable for industrial  buildings, public buildings, and residential and agricultural markets. It could be installed horizontally or vertically, in front of windows, against  building façades, or as fencing/partitioning.


Solar Energy

A solar energy solution for buildings with a lack of suitable roofspace.

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Energy Efficient

Superb thermal insulation and solar radiation control.

Light & glare control

Effectively controls light levels and glare while still allowing views, ventilation.


Durable, 99% recyclable, & allows for larger than 15% window area (SANS204).


Dynamic slat positioning per facade.


Can be installed horizontally or vertically, spanning windows/facade.


Solar energy generation, energy efficiency and occupant comfort  is optimised by the intelligent automation system. It manages slat position with inputs from sensors and other variables to reduce building energy consumption & carbon emissions by as much as 50%.


SlideLuvre’s unique double-sided solar slats keep on generating energy even when shaded. It uses only high-efficiency Sunpower® solar cells and could yield up to 80% compared to rooftop solar energy.

It is also of significant benefit  in reducing peak daily and seasonal demand loads.


Spanning 5 Categories and 12 Credit objectives, SlideLuvre can make a significant contribution to your Green Star certification and Net Zero Carbon projects on new-builds and retrofits.

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