Smart solar louvres which generate and save energy

The problem

The cost of thermal control in commercial buildings is a big issue. Buildings heat up in summer (much of this caused by direct radiance through windows) with the result that up to 85% of total building energy consumption is used for cooling.

Longer and more intense heat wave periods which are now a reality in many parts of the world adds to the problem. The cost issue is further compounded by higher time-of-use tariffs during daily demand peaks.

How does it work?

Solar energy generation, energy efficiency and occupant comfort  are optimised by the intelligent automation system.

It manages slat position with inputs from sensors and other variables to reduce building energy consumption.

Customer benefits

Generates solar energy
Reduces energy needed for cooling and lighting
Reduces peak daily and  seasonal energy demand loads
Improves early morning and late afternoon generation profiles when used with rooftop solar
Can be retrofitted to existing buildings without deep renovation
Small footprint, simplified installation and self-cleaning
Can be refurbished, and is almost 100% recyclable
Significant carbon emissions savings

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